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Don’t wait until disaster strikes to sanitize & disinfect your space. GET PROACTIVE TODAY!

Timing is Everything
The last thing you want to do is wait until someone gets sick before you decide to take action. The idea is to prevent dirty pathogens and microorganisms from congregating. Disinfecting the space with the right team gives you a layer of protection against lurking pathogens waiting to attack your immune system.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize.

Whether you’re at home or at your place of business, you expect to operate in a sanitized environment. One way to be sure you are not stepping into a space contaminated with Covid-19 or any other microorganisms is to completely disinfect the area using professional, and efficient service. According to the CDC, simply cleaning up the visibly dirty areas is not enough.

Are You The Building Owner, General Manager, or Property Manager?

Everyone is feeling the economic impact of the shelter in place order. Many businesses still have yet to return to fully operational status. However, that is slowly changing. To prepare for the inevitable day when businesses go back to normal, you need to be ready. Disinfecting your space today prepares your environment to open tomorrow. Take a proactive approach and stay ahead of regulatory mandates. Whether you have a local ordinance to sanitize before reopening or you just want to do the right thing, protecting yourself, your occupants, employees, and patrons is the smart move to make.

Protect Your Home. Protect Your Employees. Protect Your Patrons

Some Facilities Are At More Risk Than Others
Put your mind at ease and eliminate any doubts. Covid-19 and other infectious bacteria can spread by harboring within the respiratory droplets we exhale. Microscopic saliva particles and mucus droplets come flying out of our mouths every second of the day. Depending on the particular infectious particles that land on surfaces, they can exist for several minutes, or even for several weeks. At that time, your employees and occupants are at risk of contamination. Protect yourself and those around you by allowing a team to sanitize your home, property, or place of business.

The Steem King Process

Every sanitization begins with quality equipment. By bringing high-caliber products and materials along with a superior level of training for all technicians, we ensure a professional level of standards are maintained at all times. We ensure you that these following measures are strictly taken:

  • Proper PPE
  • We wear Masks
  • We utilize shoe covers
  • We utilize proper rubber gloves
  • We Practice Social Distancing
  • We Disinfect All Equipment After Each & Every Job!

By taking a proactive approach, we’ll get started on cleaning all high touch surfaces and areas, followed by our thorough disinfection process to eradicate the potential threat from Covid-19 as well as other harmful microorganisms. To adhere to CDC & WHO recommendations, if your home, property, or place of business experiences heavy foot traffic or exposure to unknown individuals and high-use objects, it’s absolutely imperative that you maintain a routine sanitization schedule to prevent Covid-19 contamination from entering these places.

Our Crew Is Waiting On Standby

Take a proactive approach and disinfect your facility before disaster strikes. We may be involved in a global pandemic. That doesn’t mean you or those around you have to suffer. Stay safe and get your space sanitized!

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